Potatoes - Chicory of the best quality

Quality by Lathouwers & Co,
you can taste the difference

For more than 20 years our aim has been to offer the best potatoes and the tastiest chicory.

Our own or other carefully selected crops, always in appropriate seasonal packaging and with an eye for ease of use.

Just like today's consumers want it... this is how we grow, pack and deliver potatoes, chicory and precooked vegetables.

Add the warm values of a healthy family business to this, and you'll find you have a top supplier at your side.

Besides potatoes and chicory, there's another branch to our business: transport of carrier pigeons.




As a wholesaler, we grow, pack and deliver potatoes, chicory and precooked vegetables to the retail sector.

We are grateful and proud that we have been among the very best specialists in food for many years.

The result of dedicated in-house growing and the constant search for the most sought-after cultivation markets.

We are constantly expanding our range, taking into account the wishes of our customers.


The cream of the crop in the potato sector


Both authentic chicory, grown in full soil, and hydro culture.

Precooked vegetables

Deliciously fresh, purely natural and ready in a flash

Precooked vegetables

Precooked vegetables

Cleaned and steamed fresh vegetables without any additives.

At Lathouwers we make it happen, together with Kempenfoods.

With our 'precooked' range, we meet consumers' wishes for a meal with tasty vegetables in no time at all. Healthy, purely natural and time-saving.

Choose between chicory, asparagus, salsify, celeriac, carrots, Brussels sprouts, etc...

All of them exclusive products in beautiful packaging.

The content is ready, just:

  • Warm up
  • Prepare your meal
  • Season to your liking

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Pigeon transport

Racing pigeons used to be the mail carriers of the past.

They played a role in many wars and marriages.

Precisely because they could find and trace their way perfectly, they were used extensively until other means of communication became faster and easier.

Today, pigeon racing is a hobby.

But make no mistake, it is all handled very professionally.

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Pigeon transport